We all know what February 14th means: a day of celebration, a gratitude for those you love and those who love you. Valentine’s Day (cue, cheesy couple shots). For some, it signifies relationships – which is far more exciting when you are actually in a relationship, rather than, say, alone with your cat.  For others, it signifies a frivolous holiday; they believe discounted clearance on chocolate on February 15th is far more worthy of time and energy.

But shouldn’t it also be a time to love yourself? After all, there is no loving relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. So rather than feel alone or discouraged, we wish to instill and encourage a sense of “zen” and peace with yourself and to acknowledge all the wonderful and great things about YOU.  Below, we’ve outlined some simple actions you can begin to incorporate into your day to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Be aware of your body language

The way you carry yourself essentially affects testosterone and cortisol levels within the brain and can change how we perceive and feel about ourselves. Our tip: Strive to stand tall proud, you will not only look and feel more confident, but also more open and welcoming!

Utilise all of your senses

That’s right, all five of them (or six if you’re Cole Sear). By taking the time to utilise our natural senses such as during eating, releases feel-good hormone oxytocin that helps you to feel both appreciative and satisfied. This will allow you to appreciate the texture, smell, sight, sound and taste of your food, as well as bring your attention to the present – and avoid dwelling on past regrets and personal detractions.

Exercise altruism

Studies have shown that both selfless and altruistic behaviour helps to release endorphins and serotonin within the brain, giving you a positive and uplifting feeling in helping others (#helpershigh). And it doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, simply giving up your seat for someone on the train, or holding the door open as they walk through, or a compliment to a co-worker are easy actions to incorporate into your daily life!

Be content with your own company

Being alone allows to drop any inhibitions you may experience when out socialising or in the company of others. This gives you the freedom for introspection and intelligent reflection on your life, plans, ideas and wants! More importantly, take this time to acknowledge your individual achievements, or aspire to new ones. Strive for excellence, unlike its monetary counterpart, there is no shame in being a goal digger!

Surround yourself with healthy relationships

Healthy relationships help us to manage stress more effectively and to problem-solve, deal and overcome life’s challenges more readily when they arise. Furthermore, surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help to inspire and motivate you to achieve your dreams.

We believe Oscar Wilde had the right idea when he said:

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”.

JMT xo

So tell us, what are some things you love about yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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