Just Me Tea Australia has been formulated with the help of herbal specialists & healthcare professionals to scientifically develop the best teatox teas on the market. Our team has spent a 1 year project in researching natural organic ways to not only lose weight, but to maintain it.

Just Me Tea Australia
The founder at JMT have a strong health background and emphasises on the importance of a healthy & balanced life style. Thus, here at Just Me Tea Australia, we had scientifically developed teatox blends that not only aid fat reduction and weight loss, but also help suppress appetite, improve digestion and reduce water retention.In addition, not only are our teatox range extensively researched, but our teatox ingredients are all 100% natural and organic.
Just Me Tea Australia has been developed as a pure, healthy, detoxification tea supplement that are used to aid those who are looking to boost their healthy weight loss or just simply those who just want to kick start their weight loss journey.Be confident that this is the best weight loss & detox teas on the market”
Just Me Tea

quality teatox



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