Ultimate Burpee Challenge

With our New Year’s Eve celebration done and dusted (nay, survived), and the long list of resolutions scribbled into our journals or written carefully into our calendars, it would come as no surprise to most that a resolution be made on the topic of fitness. But how about a challenge? How about a burpee challenge […]

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Berry Berry Nice

The ultimate post-workout smoothie, like the unicorn, is a myth unfounded in history, and equally as elusive. Fortunately, we may not have found the ultimate smoothie, but we’re pretty sure we’ve come as close as possible with this scrumptious recipe that will having you searching the cupboards for the blender and pulling the ingredients from the fridge. […]

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Lost in Inspiration

Here at JMT we have called a ban to body shaming – the thigh gap rule, the food deprivation, the feeling of inadequacy whether you are told you are too short, too tall, too skinny, too large – has officially come to an end; the closure of a long-overdue era is demonstrably imminent, and we […]

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Breakfast Love | Overnight Oats

Your alarm goes off, you groan inwardly at the lack of daylight between the window shades, and quietly wish it was Saturday rather than Monday. But instead of getting out of bed you snooze the alarm and go back to blissful slumber, hoping to return to that dream you were having about that character from […]

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Did somebody say coffee?

We’ve been drinking coffee for eons, waking up at the first signs of dawn and brewing a hot, aromatic cup of coffee to stimulate the senses, alert the mind, and make the tasks for the day somewhat doable with a good shot of caffeine energy. But did you know that coffee is more than just […]

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This Year’s Summer Reads

Ever struggled to find the perfect summer read? Are you drawn to themes of romance, horror or suspense and can’t quite find the book that ticks all the boxes? We’ve saved you some time this Summer, and collated a list of breakout novels for the entire family to suit all kinds of preferences and reading […]

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